Cumulative Events List 1994 – 2021

Date Venue Event artists
5-Jun-94 Embassy of Ukraine Les Kurbas Theater – from Lviv
16-Oct-94 Embassy of Ukraine Vynnytsky,piano & Saradjian, cello
13-Dec-94 Ukr Holy Trinity Olga Hirshhorn lecture on museum founding
4-Jan-95 Kennedy Center Director Roman Terleckyj “Semele”opera reception
9-May-95 St John’s Episcopal Church Berkeley Chamber Chorus, Maria Kuzma conductor
22-May-95 Embassy of Ukraine WPAS Embassy Adoption Program
7-Oct-95 Key Bridge Marriott John Stetch Jazz Piano (at TWG conference)
9-Dec-95 Meridian House Oksana Krovytska, soprano
14-Feb-96 AFI – Kennedy Center Films: “Hetman’s Treasure” and “Exile” by Novytsky
14-Mar-96 Sumner School Museum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
28-Apr-96 Kennedy Center Concert Hall Odessa Philharmonic Orch (with WPAS)
12-Oct-96 Georgetown Conference Center Yara Arts at TWG conference
8-Jul-97 Sumner School Museum Olenka Pevna slide lecture “Glory to Byzantium”
4-Oct-97 Fourth Presbyterian Church-Bethesda Ukrainian Bandura Chorus
12-Oct-97 Georgetown Conference Center Peter Ostroushko bluegrass fiddler-TWG conference
23-Oct-97 Sumner School Museum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
19-Dec-97 Embassy of Ukraine reception Kyiv Chamber Choir
20-Dec-97 George Mason U Arts center Kyiv Chamber Choir (WPAS)
30-Oct-98 Dumbarton Methodist Church Kyiv Camerata
1-Nov-98 Alla Rogers Gallery Slide lecture artist Volodymyr Makarenko
21-Nov-98 Dumbarton Methodist Church Leontovych String Quartet,Skoryk & Vynnytsky
Dec-98 Meridian House Olya Mykytenko – soprano
29-Apr-99 Embassy of France Alexis Kochan/ Kytasty “Paris to Kyiv”
Jun-99 Georgetown Conference Center Pikardiyska Tertsia – a capella singers
14-Oct-99 Temple Micah Horowitz Competition Winners Recital (cosponsor w Council on Soviet Jewry)
Dec-99 Evans Farm Inn TWGCF Christmas Party Silent auction
Dec-99 Embassy of Ukraine Ukr Contemporary Icon Exhibit
23-Feb-00 Chevy Chase Womens Club Solomiya Soroka – violin
19-Apr-00 Embassy of Ukraine book talk Irene Zabytko “The Sky Unwashed”
22-Jun-00 Library of Congress lecture by P. Grimsted “Bach Scores in Kyiv”
Tues 3-Oct-00 Rosslyn Spectrum Theater Vynnytsky, piano
Mon 16-Oct-00 Rosslyn Spectrum Theater Solomiya Ivakhiv, violin
Mon 13-Nov-00 Rosslyn Spectrum Theater Natalia Khoma, cello with Vynnytsky, piano
Mon 5-Mar-01 Rosslyn Spectrum Theater Anna Bachynska,soprano w Tsymbala tenor &Vynnytsky
Mon 23-Apr-01 Rosslyn Spectrum Theater Oksana Krovytska, soprano w Vynnytsky, piano
Sat 12-May-01 Dumbarton Methodist Church Stefania Dovhan, soprano
Sun 23-Sep-01 The Lyceum Mariana Sodovska – ancient songs
Sun 4-Nov-01 The Lyceum Olesandra Hrabova, soprano
14-Nov-01 Dept of State concert (Alla Kutsevych, bandura)
23-Dec-01 Embassy of Ukraine Donetsk Ballet recital and reception
Sun 27-Jan-02 The Lyceum Louisiana Swamp Romp band (w Ukr folk song)
14-Mar-02 Embassy of Ukraine P. Grimsted lecture on “Bach Scores in Kyiv”
24-Mar-02 The Lyceum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
19-May-02 The Lyceum Ola Herysamenko, bandura
3-Nov-02 The Lyceum Harmonia folk ensemble
9-Nov-02 Embassy of Ukraine Telnyuk Sisters reception
24-Nov-02 The Lyceum Wasyl Popadiuk, violin
9-Mar-03 The Lyceum Leontovych String Quartet
14-Mar-03 Embassy of Ukraine Leontovych reception
6-Apr-03 The Lyceum Stefan Szkafarowsky, bass
18-May-03 The Lyceum Lydia Artymiw, piano
5-Jun-03 Embassy of Ukraine Ukr Fashion show to benefit Breast Cancer treatment
23-Sep-03 Embassy of Ukraine reception Radoslav Zuk
8-Sep-03 Embassy of Ukraine Skoryk concert and reception
5-Oct-03 The Lyceum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
16-Nov-03 The Lyceum Natalia Khoma, cello w Vynnytsky, piano
3-Dec-03 Avalon Theater Slavko Novytsky film “Between Hitler and Stalin”
14-Mar-04 The Lyceum Valentina Lisitsa, piano
23-May-04 The Lyceum O. Abayev, violin w M. Rogozhyna, piano
13-Jun-04 Georgetown Conference Center Alex Fedoriouk (TWG conference)
17-Oct-04 The Lyceum Forte String Quartet
14-Nov-04 The Lyceum Taras Kulish, bass
Fri 9-Dec-04 Embassy of Ukraine Composer Bohdana Filts – piano recital
27-Jan-05 Embassy of Ukraine lecture- Jazz in Ukraine
13-Feb-05 The Lyceum Mariana Sadowska – ancient folk songs
13-Mar-05 The Lyceum Juliana Oshinchuk, piano
22-May-05 The Lyceum Cerberus Piano Trio (Mykola Suk)
25-May-05 Embassy of Ukraine Hnizdowsky art display and sale
16-Oct-05 The Lyceum Continuum (C. Seltzer & Joel Sachs)
13-Nov-05 The Lyceum Solomiya Dutkewych, soprano fill-in for Max Brylinsky,violin
22-Jan-06 Embassy of Ukraine Mary Mycio Wormwood Forest-Chernobyl
12-Feb-06 The Lyceum V.Vynnytsky, piano
9-Apr-06 The Lyceum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
24-Sep-06 The Lyceum Oksana Krovytska, soprano
5-Nov-06 The Lyceum Jim Allison, piano (WETA)
12-Dec-06 Embassy of Ukraine Askold Khushelnycky An Orange Revolution
Sun 25-Mar-07 Embassy of Ukraine Irena Kowal-“Afternoon at the Theater” dramatic
29-Apr-07 The Lyceum Igor Leshchishin – oboe & Friends
20-May-07 The Lyceum Krechkovsky sisters – violins
14-Jun-07 Sumner School Museum M. Suk piano – Daria Telizyn Memorial concert
16-Sep-07 The Lyceum Bandura Tells- T. Lazurkevych & O. Sozansky
21-Oct-07 The Lyceum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
13-Apr-08 The Lyceum Solomiya Soroka, violin
18-May-08 The Lyceum Natalia Shkoda, piano
Thurs 5-Jun-08 Embassy of Ukraine book talk by Alex Motyl (Whiskey Priest)
28-Sep-08 The Lyceum Cheres – folk ensemble Carpathians
18-Oct-08 NRECA conference center, VA Film – “Folk!” story of Ukr dancing in North America
9-Nov-08 The Lyceum M. Skoryk piano, 70th anniversary concert
19-Mar-09 Embassy of Ukraine Solomiya Ivakhiv, violin w M. Humetska, piano
19-Mar-09 The Lyceum S. Dutkewych,T. Kernizan, S.Gorokhivska-vocalists
10-May-09 The Lyceum Oksana Skidan, piano w. Nazarenko, violin
27-Sep-09 The Lyceum O.Polanskyj Stockert, harp soloist
18-Oct-09 The Lyceum Zino Bogachek, violin
Th 25-Feb-10 Embassy of Ukraine Oleksandr Pushniak, baritone
14-Mar-10 The Lyceum Oleh Krysa, violin
2-May-10 The Lyceum Toma Hrynkiw, piano w. N. Cybriwsky, cello
19-Sep-10 The Lyceum Harmonia Folk Ensemble
10-Oct-10 Holy Family Shrine Dumka Chorus
7-Nov-10 The Lyceum Mykola Suk, piano
10-Apr-11 Westmoreland Church Alexej Gorlatch, piano
10-May-11 The Lyceum Natalia Shkoda, pinao
12-May-11 Landmark Bethesda Row Theater film “Three Stories of Galicia” (w Emb of Ukr)
25-Sep-11 The Lyceum Julian Kystasty, bandura
6-Nov-11 The Lyceum Anna Shelest, piano
Sat 3-Dec-11 Washington Ethical Society Ensemble Hilka w Maria Sonevytsky-Songs Chernobyl
7750 16th St, NW, DC
10-Dec-11 Embassy of Ukraine Film Series on Ilienko Art
10-Feb-12 Austrian Embassy Cultural Center Victoria Loukianetz, soprano
18-Mar-12 The Lyceum Boris Skalsky, piano and Ensemble
27-Apr-12 Austrian Embassy Cultural Center Lecture by Svitlana Shiells – art history
14-Oct-12 The Lyceum Z. Bogachek & I. Velign- violins
11-Nov-12 The Lyceum Gerdan Folk Ensemble
13-Feb-13 The Lyceum O. Krovytska, soprano
24-Mar-13 The Lyceum Tribute to Filts-I. Husar, violin, O. Krovytska, soprano
Fri 1-Nov-13 Embassy of Ukraine Book talk-Nadia Diuk “Next Generation”
13-Nov-13 The Lyceum M. Bouchkov & Z. Bogachek, violins
22-Nov-13 Embassy of Ukraine Film- I. Kowal’s play “Lion and Lioness”
6-Dec-13 The Lyceum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
Tu 28-Jan-14 Kennedy Center Terrace Theater Aleksey Semenenko, violin (YCA Series)
9-Mar-14 The Lyceum T. Hrynkiw, piano
28-Mar-14 Embassy of Ukraine Book Talk – Peter Fedynsky “Kobzar” in English
17-May-14 The Lyceum Zozulka trio w M. Sonevytsky
12-Oct-14 The Lyceum Oleg Kaskiv, violin w Oksana Skidan, piano
Sat 8-Nov-14 The Lyceum Shelest Piano Duo
Sat 29-Nov-14 St George Episcopal Church, Arl.VA Sofia Soloviy, soprano
14-Dec-14 Holy Family Shrine Koliada & Music from Carpathians (cosponsors)
1-Feb-15 The Lyceum M. Bouchkov, violin
5-Jun-15 Embassy of Ukraine Sofia Soloviy, soprano
4-Oct-15 The Lyceum S. Ivakhiv, violin
1-Nov-15 The Lyceum Vera Slywotsky, soprano
13-Mar-16 The Lyceum Boris Skalsky, piano composer & ensemble
24-Apr-16 George Mason U Arts Center Film “Babushkas of Chernobyl” and short by M. Rykov
22-May-16 The Lyceum D. Sukhovienko, piano
2-Oct-16 The Lyceum M. Suk, piano
Sat 8-Oct-16 Holy Family Shrine Vesnivka chorus concert ( cosponsors w Church)
Sun 16-Oct-16 Holy Family Shrine Film “Music of Survival” story of Ukr Bandura Chorus
13-Nov-16 The Lyceum John Stetch, Jazz Piano
12-Mar-17 The Lyceum Solomia Soroka, violin music of Yevhen Stankovych
21-May-17 The Lyceum Oleh Krysa, violin
24-Sept-17 The Lyceum GerdanTrio
22-Oct-17 The Lyceum Bohdana Pivnenko, violin and Anna Khmara, piano
26-Oct-17 Rome Auditorium at SAIS, Johns Hopkins University Lost Kingdom by Serhii Plokhy
25-Mar-18 The Lyceum Natalie Khoma, cello and V. Vynnystsky, piano
22-Apr-18 The Lyceum Serhiy Salov, piano
30-Sept-18 The Lyceum Pavlo Gintov, piano 25th Anniversary Season
21-Oct-18 The Lyceum The Fedorykas of The Scythians, folk and blue grass 25th Anniversary Season
17-Mar-19 The Lyceum The Shelest Piano Duo, Anna and Dmytro Shelest 25th Anniversary Season
19-May-19 The Lyceum Stefania Dovhan, soprano 25th Anniversary Season
29-Sept-19 The Lyceum Singer Solomia (Olena Karpenko) performs jazz, blues, rock, pop and classical music
10-Nov-19 The Lyceum A cappella group SPIV-Zhyttya, banduryst Larisa Pastuchiv-Martin, and singer Victor Morozov
08-Aug-20 Commissioned painting of Holodomor Memorial in DC by Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak
12-May-21 The National Museum of Women in the Arts Soprano Stefania Dovhan, co-sponsored with Shenson Music Series, live-streamed and on YouTube
Oct – 2021 Delivered painting of Holodomor Memorial to the Embassy of Ukraine