Cumulative Events List 1994 – 2023

Date Venue Event artists
5-Jun-94 Embassy of Ukraine Les Kurbas Theater – from Lviv
16-Oct-94 Embassy of Ukraine Vynnytsky,piano & Saradjian, cello
13-Dec-94 Ukr Holy Trinity Olga Hirshhorn lecture on museum founding
4-Jan-95 Kennedy Center Director Roman Terleckyj “Semele”opera reception
9-May-95 St John’s Episcopal Church Berkeley Chamber Chorus, Maria Kuzma conductor
22-May-95 Embassy of Ukraine WPAS Embassy Adoption Program
7-Oct-95 Key Bridge Marriott John Stetch Jazz Piano (at TWG conference)
9-Dec-95 Meridian House Oksana Krovytska, soprano
14-Feb-96 AFI – Kennedy Center Films: “Hetman’s Treasure” and “Exile” by Novytsky
14-Mar-96 Sumner School Museum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
28-Apr-96 Kennedy Center Concert Hall Odessa Philharmonic Orch (with WPAS)
12-Oct-96 Georgetown Conference Center Yara Arts at TWG conference
8-Jul-97 Sumner School Museum Olenka Pevna slide lecture “Glory to Byzantium”
4-Oct-97 Fourth Presbyterian Church-Bethesda Ukrainian Bandura Chorus
12-Oct-97 Georgetown Conference Center Peter Ostroushko bluegrass fiddler-TWG conference
23-Oct-97 Sumner School Museum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
19-Dec-97 Embassy of Ukraine reception Kyiv Chamber Choir
20-Dec-97 George Mason U Arts center Kyiv Chamber Choir (WPAS)
30-Oct-98 Dumbarton Methodist Church Kyiv Camerata
1-Nov-98 Alla Rogers Gallery Slide lecture artist Volodymyr Makarenko
21-Nov-98 Dumbarton Methodist Church Leontovych String Quartet,Skoryk & Vynnytsky
Dec-98 Meridian House Olya Mykytenko – soprano
29-Apr-99 Embassy of France Alexis Kochan/ Kytasty “Paris to Kyiv”
Jun-99 Georgetown Conference Center Pikardiyska Tertsia – a capella singers
14-Oct-99 Temple Micah Horowitz Competition Winners Recital (cosponsor w Council on Soviet Jewry)
Dec-99 Evans Farm Inn TWGCF Christmas Party Silent auction
Dec-99 Embassy of Ukraine Ukr Contemporary Icon Exhibit
23-Feb-00 Chevy Chase Womens Club Solomiya Soroka – violin
19-Apr-00 Embassy of Ukraine book talk Irene Zabytko “The Sky Unwashed”
22-Jun-00 Library of Congress lecture by P. Grimsted “Bach Scores in Kyiv”
Tues 3-Oct-00 Rosslyn Spectrum Theater Vynnytsky, piano
Mon 16-Oct-00 Rosslyn Spectrum Theater Solomiya Ivakhiv, violin
Mon 13-Nov-00 Rosslyn Spectrum Theater Natalia Khoma, cello with Vynnytsky, piano
Mon 5-Mar-01 Rosslyn Spectrum Theater Anna Bachynska,soprano w Tsymbala tenor &Vynnytsky
Mon 23-Apr-01 Rosslyn Spectrum Theater Oksana Krovytska, soprano w Vynnytsky, piano
Sat 12-May-01 Dumbarton Methodist Church Stefania Dovhan, soprano
Sun 23-Sep-01 The Lyceum Mariana Sodovska – ancient songs
Sun 4-Nov-01 The Lyceum Olesandra Hrabova, soprano
14-Nov-01 Dept of State concert (Alla Kutsevych, bandura)
23-Dec-01 Embassy of Ukraine Donetsk Ballet recital and reception
Sun 27-Jan-02 The Lyceum Louisiana Swamp Romp band (w Ukr folk song)
14-Mar-02 Embassy of Ukraine P. Grimsted lecture on “Bach Scores in Kyiv”
24-Mar-02 The Lyceum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
19-May-02 The Lyceum Ola Herysamenko, bandura
3-Nov-02 The Lyceum Harmonia folk ensemble
9-Nov-02 Embassy of Ukraine Telnyuk Sisters reception
24-Nov-02 The Lyceum Wasyl Popadiuk, violin
9-Mar-03 The Lyceum Leontovych String Quartet
14-Mar-03 Embassy of Ukraine Leontovych reception
6-Apr-03 The Lyceum Stefan Szkafarowsky, bass
18-May-03 The Lyceum Lydia Artymiw, piano
5-Jun-03 Embassy of Ukraine Ukr Fashion show to benefit Breast Cancer treatment
23-Sep-03 Embassy of Ukraine reception Radoslav Zuk
8-Sep-03 Embassy of Ukraine Skoryk concert and reception
5-Oct-03 The Lyceum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
16-Nov-03 The Lyceum Natalia Khoma, cello w Vynnytsky, piano
3-Dec-03 Avalon Theater Slavko Novytsky film “Between Hitler and Stalin”
14-Mar-04 The Lyceum Valentina Lisitsa, piano
23-May-04 The Lyceum O. Abayev, violin w M. Rogozhyna, piano
13-Jun-04 Georgetown Conference Center Alex Fedoriouk (TWG conference)
17-Oct-04 The Lyceum Forte String Quartet
14-Nov-04 The Lyceum Taras Kulish, bass
Fri 9-Dec-04 Embassy of Ukraine Composer Bohdana Filts – piano recital
27-Jan-05 Embassy of Ukraine lecture- Jazz in Ukraine
13-Feb-05 The Lyceum Mariana Sadowska – ancient folk songs
13-Mar-05 The Lyceum Juliana Oshinchuk, piano
22-May-05 The Lyceum Cerberus Piano Trio (Mykola Suk)
25-May-05 Embassy of Ukraine Hnizdowsky art display and sale
16-Oct-05 The Lyceum Continuum (C. Seltzer & Joel Sachs)
13-Nov-05 The Lyceum Solomiya Dutkewych, soprano fill-in for Max Brylinsky,violin
22-Jan-06 Embassy of Ukraine Mary Mycio Wormwood Forest-Chernobyl
12-Feb-06 The Lyceum V.Vynnytsky, piano
9-Apr-06 The Lyceum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
24-Sep-06 The Lyceum Oksana Krovytska, soprano
5-Nov-06 The Lyceum Jim Allison, piano (WETA)
12-Dec-06 Embassy of Ukraine Askold Khushelnycky An Orange Revolution
Sun 25-Mar-07 Embassy of Ukraine Irena Kowal-“Afternoon at the Theater” dramatic
29-Apr-07 The Lyceum Igor Leshchishin – oboe & Friends
20-May-07 The Lyceum Krechkovsky sisters – violins
14-Jun-07 Sumner School Museum M. Suk piano – Daria Telizyn Memorial concert
16-Sep-07 The Lyceum Bandura Tells- T. Lazurkevych & O. Sozansky
21-Oct-07 The Lyceum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
13-Apr-08 The Lyceum Solomiya Soroka, violin
18-May-08 The Lyceum Natalia Shkoda, piano
Thurs 5-Jun-08 Embassy of Ukraine book talk by Alex Motyl (Whiskey Priest)
28-Sep-08 The Lyceum Cheres – folk ensemble Carpathians
18-Oct-08 NRECA conference center, VA Film – “Folk!” story of Ukr dancing in North America
9-Nov-08 The Lyceum M. Skoryk piano, 70th anniversary concert
19-Mar-09 Embassy of Ukraine Solomiya Ivakhiv, violin w M. Humetska, piano
19-Mar-09 The Lyceum S. Dutkewych,T. Kernizan, S.Gorokhivska-vocalists
10-May-09 The Lyceum Oksana Skidan, piano w. Nazarenko, violin
27-Sep-09 The Lyceum O.Polanskyj Stockert, harp soloist
18-Oct-09 The Lyceum Zino Bogachek, violin
Th 25-Feb-10 Embassy of Ukraine Oleksandr Pushniak, baritone
14-Mar-10 The Lyceum Oleh Krysa, violin
2-May-10 The Lyceum Toma Hrynkiw, piano w. N. Cybriwsky, cello
19-Sep-10 The Lyceum Harmonia Folk Ensemble
10-Oct-10 Holy Family Shrine Dumka Chorus
7-Nov-10 The Lyceum Mykola Suk, piano
10-Apr-11 Westmoreland Church Alexej Gorlatch, piano
10-May-11 The Lyceum Natalia Shkoda, pinao
12-May-11 Landmark Bethesda Row Theater film “Three Stories of Galicia” (w Emb of Ukr)
25-Sep-11 The Lyceum Julian Kystasty, bandura
6-Nov-11 The Lyceum Anna Shelest, piano
Sat 3-Dec-11 Washington Ethical Society Ensemble Hilka w Maria Sonevytsky-Songs Chernobyl
7750 16th St, NW, DC
10-Dec-11 Embassy of Ukraine Film Series on Ilienko Art
10-Feb-12 Austrian Embassy Cultural Center Victoria Loukianetz, soprano
18-Mar-12 The Lyceum Boris Skalsky, piano and Ensemble
27-Apr-12 Austrian Embassy Cultural Center Lecture by Svitlana Shiells – art history
14-Oct-12 The Lyceum Z. Bogachek & I. Velign- violins
11-Nov-12 The Lyceum Gerdan Folk Ensemble
13-Feb-13 The Lyceum O. Krovytska, soprano
24-Mar-13 The Lyceum Tribute to Filts-I. Husar, violin, O. Krovytska, soprano
Fri 1-Nov-13 Embassy of Ukraine Book talk-Nadia Diuk “Next Generation”
13-Nov-13 The Lyceum M. Bouchkov & Z. Bogachek, violins
22-Nov-13 Embassy of Ukraine Film- I. Kowal’s play “Lion and Lioness”
6-Dec-13 The Lyceum Horowitz Competition Winners Recital
Tu 28-Jan-14 Kennedy Center Terrace Theater Aleksey Semenenko, violin (YCA Series)
9-Mar-14 The Lyceum T. Hrynkiw, piano
28-Mar-14 Embassy of Ukraine Book Talk – Peter Fedynsky “Kobzar” in English
17-May-14 The Lyceum Zozulka trio w M. Sonevytsky
12-Oct-14 The Lyceum Oleg Kaskiv, violin w Oksana Skidan, piano
Sat 8-Nov-14 The Lyceum Shelest Piano Duo
Sat 29-Nov-14 St George Episcopal Church, Arl.VA Sofia Soloviy, soprano
14-Dec-14 Holy Family Shrine Koliada & Music from Carpathians (cosponsors)
1-Feb-15 The Lyceum M. Bouchkov, violin
5-Jun-15 Embassy of Ukraine Sofia Soloviy, soprano
4-Oct-15 The Lyceum S. Ivakhiv, violin
1-Nov-15 The Lyceum Vera Slywotsky, soprano
13-Mar-16 The Lyceum Boris Skalsky, piano composer & ensemble
24-Apr-16 George Mason U Arts Center Film “Babushkas of Chernobyl” and short by M. Rykov
22-May-16 The Lyceum D. Sukhovienko, piano
2-Oct-16 The Lyceum M. Suk, piano
Sat 8-Oct-16 Holy Family Shrine Vesnivka chorus concert ( cosponsors w Church)
Sun 16-Oct-16 Holy Family Shrine Film “Music of Survival” story of Ukr Bandura Chorus
13-Nov-16 The Lyceum John Stetch, Jazz Piano
12-Mar-17 The Lyceum Solomia Soroka, violin music of Yevhen Stankovych
21-May-17 The Lyceum Oleh Krysa, violin
24-Sept-17 The Lyceum GerdanTrio
22-Oct-17 The Lyceum Bohdana Pivnenko, violin and Anna Khmara, piano
26-Oct-17 Rome Auditorium at SAIS, Johns Hopkins University Lost Kingdom by Serhii Plokhy
25-Mar-18 The Lyceum Natalie Khoma, cello and V. Vynnystsky, piano
22-Apr-18 The Lyceum Serhiy Salov, piano
30-Sept-18 The Lyceum Pavlo Gintov, piano 25th Anniversary Season
21-Oct-18 The Lyceum The Fedorykas of The Scythians, folk and blue grass 25th Anniversary Season
17-Mar-19 The Lyceum The Shelest Piano Duo, Anna and Dmytro Shelest 25th Anniversary Season
19-May-19 The Lyceum Stefania Dovhan, soprano 25th Anniversary Season
29-Sept-19 The Lyceum Singer Solomia (Olena Karpenko) performs jazz, blues, rock, pop and classical music
10-Nov-19 The Lyceum A cappella group SPIV-Zhyttya, banduryst Larisa Pastuchiv-Martin, and singer Victor Morozov
08-Aug-20 Commissioned painting of Holodomor Memorial in DC by Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak
12-May-21 The National Museum of Women in the Arts Soprano Stefania Dovhan, co-sponsored with Shenson Music Series, live-streamed and on YouTube
Oct – 2021 Delivered painting of Holodomor Memorial to the Embassy of Ukraine
October 18, 2022 Kennedy Center Concert Hall Event partner and Sponsor of Benefit Concert for Ukraine presenting The New Era Orchestra of Kyiv with Joshua Bell, violinist
March 16, 2023 Embassy of France The Washington Group Cultural Fund in collaboration with the Embassy of France presents The Ukrainian American Life, a concert/cabaret fundraiser for Ukraine on March 16th at the Embassy of France, Contralto Vira Slywotzky & Pianist Dina Pruzhansky